Saturday, April 4, 2009

Nationally Recognised Political Parties in India

There are 7 nationally recognised political parties in India. The following table gives their names, popular acronyms and symbols.
Party Name Acronym SymbolImage
Bahujan Samaj Party BSP Elephant*
Bharatiya Janata Party BJP Lotus
Communist Party of India CPI Ears of Corn and Sickle
Communist Party of India (Marxist) CPI(M)/CPM Hammer, Sickle and Star
Indian National Congress INC /Congress Hand(Open Palm)
Nationalist Party of India NCP Clock
Rashtriya Janata Dal RJD Hurricane Lamp (Lantern)
*except in Assam and Sikkim, where BSP candidates have to choose from free symbols. Elephant symbol belongs to Asom Gana Parishad in those states.

Also see: Recognition of a political party by the election commission.

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